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October 2, 2011
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.:Arad:. by NightmareGK13 .:Arad:. by NightmareGK13
Arad, the personification of brawn and brute strength
if you forget all about Ogol Ogor and Baterius that is :P
those are literally unbeatable

"Arad is the current leader of the Royal Guard of Amaldan, of which Martien and Ivor were members of before the fall of Razikiel.
Back then Arad was recruit that climbed up the ranks in no time.
The Royal Guard, when Raziel climbed up to the power was dismembered into only 7 elite guards. A tournament was held to determine them of which the last 7 would fight for the rank of Lider. Arad prove himself without a doubt why he should be the leader.
He comes from a normal family that lived within the walls of the city and from a young age proved himself to be quite a fighting machine, getting himself into trouble straight away.
Due to Raziel's love for Dragons (dragon slayer clan was dismembered because of him) and since he rides a Black Dragon, all of the Royal Guard (that accompanies him everywhere) had to ride them as well, and each has his own personally trained dragons.
The Royal Guard, however, should not be mistaken b the royal armie, this is the main force of the capital of the kingdom and this frce is responsible for the defense of the cit, whereas the Royal Guard is responsible for the King's safety and protection. "

this is it :P
don't think i have much more to say
have been caught up with work and college and had to put this on hold for a couple of days.

Already have a list set up to start working on characters that don't have an illustration yet or need some remodeling done :P
it will take a while tho, im full of work, some of which i wont be able to post but i will keep you updated the best i can.

~cheers ;)

[edit] why did i go back to this dude? being a member of KORGOA i have to make the looks of all 7 knights match, so i matched this guy with the others i have made so far. Changes his background and added a gradient on top to make the lighting match a little. Now i need to get back to work on the new one :P only 2 more left.
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DragonGuy42 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013
Looks like a knight who punches people with steel gauntlets/knuckles.  Well, that's different.  :o (Eek) 
NightmareGK13 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013  Student Digital Artist
exactly ;)
biomax12 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
he looks like Shepard from mass effect
DanteBurns Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2012
Been awhile since I've seen one of your armoured masterpieces, this guy and Araam seem to have a Yin-Yang thing going on.
NightmareGK13 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2012  Student Digital Artist
ahah this is actually an old piece, i just went back to him since i had some changes to do before implementing him onto the artbook eheh :P

the yi-yang thing happens more with Araam and Blides tho :XD:
DanteBurns Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2012
Yeah, Araam and Blides are complete opposites. Both equally brilliant though. I doubt you would ever see Araam and Blides helping each other out though, but Arad and Araam are the complementary kind of Yin-Yang I think.
NightmareGK13 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Hmm what makes you say that? (sorry for taking so long to reply x.x)
Btw if you have facebook add me and we'll chat there, im very interested in your opinion and i like to see someone taking a liking to Hubris :)
DanteBurns Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2012
Well Blides doesn't interact with people very often outside of combat and even during combat I get the impression he focuses more on the enemy than his allies. I think that attitude would lead to him having weak connections with people like Araam and Arad.

Araam on the other hand looks as though he would value his relationship with the people he fights alongside, I get the same Impression from Arad so although one is a scholar and the other is a Brawler I think they would gladly fight side by side as both seem to hold a kind warriors of honour and would check to see if their allies were in trouble.

Blides on the other hand doesn't seem too concerned with honour and I expect would distance himself from any other people he fought alongside, consequentially I don't think people would realise when he was in over his head. If a walking tank can get out of its' depth.

Of course these are just the impressions I got from the artwork and descriptions. But I think Araam and Arad would better together than any other combination of the three.
NightmareGK13 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Ah very interesting, i miss talking to people about this so it was a breath of fresh air.

You got it right tho, Blides cares for no one, he fights for the king and for the king alone, as far a he knows the remaining members of KORGOA could be dead, but as long as he drew breath he would fight to protect the king. This however is very strange, how can a creature no one heard about seem so interested in protecting the king?

Araam and Arad are nothing alike, yet they, and the remaining members, except for Blides, work as more of a team, though each fight their own way and have their particular approach to a problem.

I wont mention Hyrca though he and Blides are in a way, similar though not entirely, Hyrca works more of a mentor despite his lack of words.
DanteBurns Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2012
Well they're your characters so you know them best, but the impression I got from Arad was that he acted like an overly aggressive knight. Willing to take on all challengers but nevertheless a noble person, and I thought that Araam would work well with that kind of person.

Attitude aside though, a soldier who fights with a lance such as Araam wouldn't be able to effectively engage an opponent within sword range, so practically speaking they would be an effective pair since they work best at different ranges. Well in my head they're an effective pair anyway, I don't have many knights with knuckle dusters to compare Arad to.
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